cebas Visual Technology will build an online reservoir of TP blackBox for users: 'thinkingParticles blackBox Reservoir'

~ come let us build more social capital together for the community!

Blackboxes are like useful toolkits for any budding VFX Artist.  Sort of a friendly helper given by an expert user to make things easier for the beginner. For users new to TP: a blackbox is just a DynamicSet Setup within a dynamicset.

Wikipedia has the definition of what is meant by 'Black box': ".. any complex piece of equipment, typically a unit in an electronic system, with contents that are mysterious to the user." (

The idea therefore is that experts build a Black box so that learners can easily create an input for a desired output, without going too deep into the technical unless the learner chooses to. This becomes a great help in terms of being able to ride on the shoulders of giants and achieve more quickly the output you desire. thinkingParticles blackBox is geared towards helping users in this way. 

Black box to an expert user works almost subconsciously, more of a visual art-based cue to generating VFX effects while to the beginner, he or she can do some reverse engineering on the blackBox and get the technique.  

cebas will create a 'reservoir' online for expert artists willing to build social capital by sharing their thinkingParticles blackBox. The new tab will come up under Testimonials once we have a good amount.    



Cedar Thokme
Office/Social Media Coordinator
cebas Visual Technology