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    3d commercials with Cebas GPU-powered moskitoRender fluid motion by Beso Mzhavanadze, generalist 3D designer.
    cebas Render apps: moskito & finalRender
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    Free upgrade for all users of thinkingParticles 6 Subscription. Great new features and stability enhancements. READ More HERE
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  • Cebas talks to Hristo Velev

    Hristo on thinking Particles 6..."multidynamics with its handling of soft bodies, cloth, SPH liquids and splines/ropes are very helpful in adding complexity to big destruction shots"

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  • Art and design insights from finalRender's expert,

    Igor Ivanovic

    I love to work on highly complex projects that are engaging enough for me to delve deeper into 3d technology and I strongly believe that these valuable moments create specific states of mind where mastering the technical aspects actually heightens my creativity.

    image property of Auditoire, Paris


The advanced PSD file exporter for 3ds Max. An addictive time safer that covers all the bases: Render Elements, Mask Generation, HDR, V-Ray Support, Animation..

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