finalFluid Service Pack 1 Out Now

Advanced GPU-Optimized Compressible Fluid Simulation for Improved Smoke & Fire Export.

Cebas Visual Technology Inc., developer of the first of its kind GPU-based Real-Time fluid simulation system for 3ds Max, is excited to announce the release of Service Pack 1 for its flagship Fire & Smoke simulation system.


finalFluid utilizes a Sparse Voxel Grid within an unbounded simulation domain to create realistic smoke and fire effects. The new service pack introduces an enhanced solver that allocates simulation blocks dynamically, using only the memory required in active/resident regions of interest. This eliminates the long-standing restriction of GPU fluid solvers, which have traditionally wasted enormous amounts of memory in regions where nothing happens.

Service Pack 1 also includes significant improvements to finalFluid's Smoke & Fire export feature, resulting in even better quality smoke and fire effects. All 3rd party renderers will benefit from these enhancements, resulting in more realistic and visually appealing renderings.
finalRender, cebas' own trueHybrid™ CPU/GPU renderer, builds upon these enhancements by delivering photoreal renderings of gas and plasma flames, or thick gasoline explosions with a lot of soot and dark smoke.

"We are thrilled to release this update, which represents a huge leap forward in the realism and performance of our software," said Edwin Braun, CEO of Cebas Visual Technology Inc. "finalFluid is the go-to solution for 3ds Max when creating advanced Real-Time smoke and fire effects, and Service Pack 1 takes it to the next level."

finalFluid is a NVIDIA GPU-based only software and is widely used in the entertainment and industrial design industries. With the new service pack, users can expect even more realistic smoke and fire effects, without sacrificing performance or memory usage.

Main Features of SP1 (Version are:

  • 100% NVIDIA-GPU Accelerated Sparse Grid Solver
  • New, Real-time Workflow right inside of 3ds Max
  • Movie Quality Fire & Smoke VFX in Real-time
  • Standard Particle Support
  • Advanced 3rd Party Particle System Support
  • Internal and External Renderer Support via OpenVDB
  • Direct Volume Rendering™ with finalRender

finalFluid is shipping with support for all of the latest 3ds Max versions: 3ds Max 2023, 2022 and 2021. Users can find more in depth product descriptions and order direct from cebas’ website at

Minimum Requirements are:

  • DX12 NVIDIA GPU and Windows 10
  • Nvidia GTX Graphics card with a minimum of 4GB (better additional 8GB Card)
  • 3ds Max 2023/2022/2021
  • Enough hard-disk (better SSD) space to write gigabytes of simulation data caches.
  • Latest NVIDIA Drivers