Cebas Visual Technology and ANIMA RES GmbH to explore high definition visual effects tools for Medical Animations.





November 16, 2016, Victoria, BC - cebas Visual Technology Inc. (Victoria, Canada) and ANIMA RES GmbH (Bonn, Germany) are partnering to enhance software development for cutting edge medical and scientific visual effects.

“Scientific processes are often very complex, take place in large numbers and also trigger other subprocesses, so that these cannot be realized using keyframing,” says Pablo Olmos, Co-founder and CEO of ANIMA RES GmbH.

“Moreover, the highly complex nature of a 3D mode-of-action often visualized in soft, organic bodies are constantly pushing our software tools to the limits of what is possible to model and to animate. Especially when it comes to VR, AR and MR projects. That is why we are very excited that cebas Visual Technology, one of the leading software manufacturers for VFX, is helping to adapt and develop greater possibilities to suit the demands of such biomedical visualizations. ”

ANIMA RES Showreel from ANIMA RES - 3d medical animation on Vimeo.

“I find the world of Medical Animation exceedingly fascinating,” says Edwin Braun, Co-founder and CEO of Cebas.

“Cebas certainly wants to help with greater enhancement in thinkingParticles and our rendering solutions, in order to support ANIMA RES in finding new tools that will directly streamline their work further and help create specific visual effects and rendering to achieve impressive imagery, both for educational and market purposes.”


“Working together with cebas Visual Technology, we aim to bring the level of medical animations to the impressive standard of visual effects you can see in cinematic blockbusters,” added Rodrigo Olmos, Co-founder, Anima Res.

Rodrigo and Pablo Olmos are two brothers who co-founded ANIMA RES in Germany and heavily involved in the daily affairs of the company as CEO. 

“ Wouldn't it be amazing if the destruction of a tumor cell group by the immune system was just as captivating as the destruction of an entire city by aliens?” Rodrigo remarked. 

“If we take, for example, the indication of diabetes that has to be displayed in the complex interplay between glucose and insulin within the bloodstream, through the muscular system, right up until the cascade of signals on a molecular level. All of the indicators react to one another and trigger different processes. It is a highly complex animation,” Pablo explained. 

ANIMA RES mentioned the high expectations of medical clients: “Clients expect animations that live up to their company’s motto of 'truth and beauty': medically and scientifically correct; understandable and at the same time, visually compelling.”

In light of this, the two companies will work closely together and with first class feedback from the front line of medical animation effects, Cebas aim to deliver better and more enhanced products to fit the needs of the medical market visual effects on a broad scope, and more importantly directly to our users.

The market is not new as medical illustration has been around as long as medical science. However, recent years of advancement in digital technology has greatly encouraged more and more scientific, including healthcare industries, training organizations to use visualization software in their interactive marketing and training activities with the general public. As the old adage, a picture is worth a thousand words, what more with today’s scientifically-based animated visuals. 

It is the vision of both companies therefore to ride the wave and to be able to develop software and tools for our users and clients that will facilitate greater accuracy when doing medical or scientific animations as well as high quality rendering for the market.

Background information


ANIMA RES is an owner-operated specialist for medical visualization based in Bonn, Germany. One of only a few highly specialised companies in medical 3D animation with almost 20 years of experience. We uniquely visualize medical and scientific requirements with quality 3D animations for various media forms such as film, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, apps, print and more. Each finished product is the result of our 100% in-house production capabilities which is further essential for an outstanding customer satisfaction. Our clients are among the top 10 pharma companies worldwide. We passionately focus on creating 3D content with a high realism level combined with an incredible user experience for new cutting-edge technologies.


Cebas Visual Technology:

Cebas Visual Technology Inc. is a privately held software company headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The company offers a broad range of proprietary production solutions for VFX studios and visualization design companies, including GPU rendering software for handling large graphic data. Cebas’ highly skilled, long-term developers work in tandem with the user communities to develop market leading VFX codes and rendering capabilities that are at once unique and problem-solving. Cebas highly values both our corporate users and independent users and is potentially open to consultations. We have successfully work in conjunction with major motion pictures, architectural visualization firms, commercial designers, game cinematic agencies and other visual industries to develop unique features for their target audiences. Besides, becoming increasingly used in architectural and product visualizations, cebas software is also progressively being used in medical animations for training and marketing.

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Rodrigo Olmos
Co-founder + CEO

Cebas Visual Technology Inc.

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