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thinkingParticles 5.0

volumeBreaker on Steroids



thinkingParticles 5 is the first and only Particle F/X product offering a fully procedural and integrated volumeBreaker engine. No other particle F/X application on the market offers this advanced and highly optimized automatic volume breaking system in its program core, as a standard feature.

While the stand alone product "volumeBreaker" can be used by anyone and with any application that runs on 3ds Max, the thinkingParticles integrated counterpart offers much more power and flexibility through its concept of doing everything non-linearly and procedurally.


What is volumeBreaker anyway ?

volumeBreaker is a volumetric geometry fracturing tool that will instantly create sub-geometry within any mesh - geometry that perfectly fits together and fills any given volume. With volumeBreaker, cebas brings a Hollywood quality destruction tool to 3ds Max.

volumeBreaker was developed in consultation with and to meet the very specific demands of VFX Artists who work on multi-million dollar movies. Because of this, volumeBreaker is truly a production proven tool. 


2012 Image volumeBreaker
Image from movie "2012" by Uncharted Territory

Demolition Made Possible 

The core integration of volumeBreaker into thinkingParticles 5 proclaims a new era in visual effects. This technological advancement is expected to stir up the whole business of practical and miniature effects in the movie industry. Like the business of a Blacksmith - miniature effects will become more and more an art of the past. Technologies like volumeBreaker, perfectly integrated into thinkingParticles, is the first step in creating reproducible, affordable and realistic mass destruction effects for the big screen.

It's about time to change a whole industry - thinkingParticles is the vessel to do just that !


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