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finalRender™ 3.5

fR-Matte/Shadow Material

finalRender 3.5 offers a specialized material for complex compositing tasks. As the name implies, fR-Matte/Shadow is intended for matte shadow compositing tasks within 3ds Max.

The great thing about this new material type is the enhanced control over GI effects (shadows or illumination) when adding matte/shadow effects to a scene.




The finalRender fR-Matte/Shadow material offers more control than the standard Matte/Shadow material in 3ds Max. A sub-material can be used to control the "invisible" GI part of the matte shadow material.

Usually the Matte/Shadow part of the object is invisible towards the background. However, in GI situations, sometimes it is necessary to get a color spill from the background image. To achieve this, one may use a material and set it to any color or other properties that will be used for the GI calculation. 

image5.jpg image
Final Rendering
Alpha Channel of this rendering








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