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finalRender™ 3.5


finalShaders users have appreciated Human Skin and other advanced SSS rendering effects. 

finalRender 3.5 now incorporates all of this power into its core, along with unlimited network rendering.




No more skin that looks like plastic

Realistic human skin is one of the hardest effects to achieve in computer graphics. fR-Skin is now included in finalRender 3.5 and addresses this complex task of rendering human skin, along with the advanced subsurface scattering algorithms involved.

fR-Skin uses a multi-layer skin approach. With Dermis and Epidermis Layers, the color of circulating blood and the penetration depth of the light rays can be controlled and fine-tuned.




A refractive value of the skin material allows for the creation of complex and stunning looking skin structures that might take light in or reflect light more than standard human skin.

Parameters to define the dryness or wetness of the skin allow for full control of the final look.







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