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finalRender™ 3.5

Hyper-GI Illuminates Your Animations

finalRender 3.5 still possesses its powerful Global Illumination engine, called Hyper-GI. This unique approach to Global Illumination (GI) was developed to solve the well known shortcomings of modern GI rendering technology.

When working with animation, GI can cause all sorts of problems due to the Stochastic Ray firing methods that most GI engines employ. Otherwise, beautiful still images can be destroyed when animated, as the resulting output flickers or changes illumination inconsistently over the course of the animation.

In constrast, the Hyper-GI solution is based on a sophisticated hybrid energy distribution approach. The two methods of classic, view-independent, finite element radiosity calculations and view-dependent, stochastic shading point sampling are combined in a unique way that provides stability and consistency in the illumination of the resulting animation.

Hyper-GI is a great leap forward for end users as it marries two strong rendering technologies into a single, powerful solution.

Hyper-GI is highly robust and works even in the most extreme situations. It can handle both animated objects and lights (or both of them together). When used properly, it is also faster than any other GI solution included in finalRender 3.5 assuring both control and speed. One can't ask for much more than that.

Please review the sample animation rendered with Hyper-GI below. Every object in this animation is set to receive and reflect light and every single brick will influence the GI solution.


bunker HGI with Hyper-GI


Here is the same animation without Hyper-GI



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