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finalRender™ 3.5

Feature List

These are the most prominent features supported by finalRender 3.5

  • All new HarmonicsGI Engine for faster, better and smoother results
  • MSP engine enhanced, more robust, and more memory efficient 
  • Advanced FumeFX integration with spee-ups of up to 10x 
  • Enhanced and fine-tuned AQMC GI engine
  • Real-world 3D Stereo Camera model
  • Enhanced, flicker-free Sub-Surface Scattering animation rendering
  • Camera Fly GI mode with AQMC
  • Hyper-GI rendering technology for clean, fast GI results
  • finalRender Image GI engine
  • Optimized QMC GI engine
  • 32-Bit and 64-Bit support
  • Advanced Render Elements support (Object Include and Exclude)
  • Easy-to-use and -setup with fine tuned presets
  • Powerful distributed rendering technolgy
  • Advanced adaptive anti-aliasing for fast, clean rendering
  • Advanced Micro Triangle Displacement (MTD)
  • MTD Modifier
  • GI Detail Detection for crisp, detailed GI
  • Physical Sky, Physical Sky Map with Viewport Support
  • True Physical Camera model
  • Advanced cartoon and illustration rendering with finalToon
  • Over 150 presets for materials and rendering settings
  • Large set of  finalRender shaders for more power & ease-of-use
  • Blazing fast Sub-Surface Scattering
  • Advanced  "on-demand" Geometry Loading/Unloading
  • Fast raytraced shadows
  • True Caustic Light rendering with extended Energy Control
  • Fast Area Shadows
  • Highly optimized true 3D Motion Blur
  • Photo-real Area light types based on IES industry standard
  • Real-time Volume Light Rendering
  • True geometry-based Direct Light Sources
  • True geometry-based Indirect Light Sources
  • Full set of advanced camera types (fish-eye, panorama & more)
  • Physically correct DOF raytracing

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