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thinkingParticles™ R4 & FumeFX 3.0

Sitni Sati and cebas VISUAL TECHNOLOGIES are pleased to announce a special bundle that includes two of the most robust plug-in suites ever produced: FumeFX 3.5 and thinkingParticles R5. Used by major effects studios around the world to realize some of the most breath-taking visuals ever put on film (including Roland Emmerich's epic 2012 destruction sequences); these two products have been designed to work in concert to give you complete control over your particles and fire/smoke simulation effects.

FumeFX 3.5 is considered the industry standard when it comes to fire, smoke and explosion simulations, and allows 3ds Max artists to rapidly combine their aesthetic visions with real-world physics. Using a voxel-based simulation engine, fire and smoke behave according to real-world laws of fluid dynamics and react to relevant physical forces, such as temperature and gravity. This means that you can produce realistic effects with greater speed and ease than ever before.

thinkingParticles R5 is the sophisticated particle engine designed to free 3ds Max artists from the constraints of traditional, time-based particle effects, in favor of a much more flexible rule-based system that allows for an unlimited combination of conditions and operators to be assembled, in order to define the behavior of every single particle within the system. This approach allows for a truly non-linear animation pipeline to be set up and driven by any effects artist.

Combining these two incredible tools is straight forward and allows for even more amazing effects to be achieved. thinkingParticles R4 can easily serve as a Particle Source for FumeFX 3.5 effects. FumeFX 3.5 provides real and fully integrated thinkingParticles operators of equivalent functionality which affect each system. FumeFX 3.0, when used in combination with thinkingParticles R5, allows for the creation of fluid effects that can dynamically affect each other at the same time! You can't get this sort of effect in any other way.

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