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thinkingParticles™ R4

Full MaxScript Support

thinkingParticles R4 incorporates the best ever MAXScripting support. Now, it is possible to even write complete thinkingParticles operator Nodes with inputs and outputs that behave just like native thinkingParticles operators! If we forgot something - you can  write it now.

In addition to fully functional operator Nodes written in MAXScript, full MAXScript access to thinkingParticles DynamicSets and Node properties has been implemented into thinkingParticles R4. Find below a short example of such an access, via MAXScript

The script below, from a selected thinkingParticles system, creates a new particle group and renames it, "MyGroup".

gr.SetPGroupName(0) "MyGroup" 

In the illustration below, a scripted thinkingParticles Node is shown; the MAXScript integration allows for instant updates of the code and immediate visualization of the results.


thinkingParticles Scripting

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