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thinkingParticles™ R4

Welcome NVIDIA to the world of 64-Bit !

... PhysX now on 64-Bit 

thinkingParticles offers many advanced features and state of the art software technology, including NVIDIA's PhysX Rigid Body Dynamics Game engine. For a long time, their release of PhysX was for 32-Bit operating systems only. Now, with the release of thinkingParticles R4, support for 64-bit operating systems has been added for PhysX as well.

Below is a short summary of features supported by the PhysX rigid body game engine.

NVIDIA PhysX support

thinkingParticles R4 supports the following system driver version: "PhysX_10.01.29_9.10.0129_SystemSoftware" . 




The animation below, shows the power and flexibility of using joints with PhysX in thinkingParticles. 



Thanks to the constant feedback from some of the largest and most prominent studios in the industry, thinkingParticles has evolved into the super creative tool that it is today.  Every single operator found in thinkingParticles, was created as a result of direct user feedback.  Real world production needs have informed the interface and workflow of thinkingParticles.  It is a tool, sculpted by the creative talents of the most promising CG Artists in the industry today.

Using PhysX in thinkingParticles, it takes only 10 seconds to simulate this car which fragments and blows back a crowd



thinkingParticles has now integrated the most advanced simulation technologies available on the market, ensuring its' status as the leading tool for particle effects in the CG and VFX industry. thinkingParticles is ready for the future!  When the use of NVIDIA PhysX hardware becomes more widespread, thinkingParticles will be ready to help you take your work to the next level by fully supporting the PhysX Game Physics Engine to its best advantage: with thousands of rigid bodies, accelerated joints and other enhanced physics features.

The fragmenting animation below simulates in real time, in the 3ds Max viewport, the power of PhysX in thinkingParticles.




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