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thinkingParticles™ R4

Geometry Instancing

New additions to Geom Instance enhance the functionality of character animations, for even greater and more in-depth control, with thousands or even hundreds of thousands of characters. StdShape has also been enhanced for finalRender instancing. 

In the animation below you can see, that we not only have an incredible amount of characters rendering, as instanced geometry, but they are all controlled with the Non Linear Animation system of thinkingParticles. These characters can clap, run, jump, fight and do what ever is needed, all based on ThinkingParticles rules and robust NLA.


Click on the image below to watch the animation

In the images below, you can see that these trees have been distributed as particle instanced geometry and are even using texture variation: 5+ billion polys rendered with Physical Sky and full GI in 7 minutes at 1024x768!! Geometry Instancing with thinkingParticles is ground breaking technology that will allow you to create amazing environments and huge animated crowd scenes. Massive animated crowds and characters are all possible when using ThinkingPaticles instances.

Click on the image below to see a larger image


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