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thinkingParticles™ R4

Particle Access

No other particle system for 3ds Max gives you as much in-depth control as thinkingParticles. You may access the values of any particle or group of particles at any time and apply any effect to them. This offers real particle control, like never before. With thinkingParticles, your dreams become reality.

thinkingParticles goes way beyond a simple particle system implementation for 3ds Max. The combination of thinkingParticles and other powerful cebas plug-ins, such as pyroCluster®, finalFlares™, or finalRender, will allow you to create special effects as never before. Thanks to the fully integrated inter-particle access, anything can be done. A particle rule within thinkingParticles may, for example, control the color or intensity of a lensflare effect created with finalFlares. The same is true for a pyroCluster atmospheric rendering effect. Based on rules, thinkingParticles may control nearly every aspect of the pyroCluster effect. 


In this sample, you can see that particle fragments are able to emit new particles. This is possible without losing full control over the new particles. One single powerful user interface allows you to control any of the three particle groups in this animation. You may add some gravity effects to the fragments and, at the same time, you may add some wind effects to the trails.

With the introduction of internal plug-in data streams, cebas has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. For example, one could assign various pyroCluster effects to different particle groups in thinkingParticles. A collision between two fragments may create a dust cloud, while in the same animation and particle system, a collision between a fragment and another object may create a explosion and fire effect.


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