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Save the Date and Visit us @booth# 627

cebas@SIGGRAPH 2013: Yes, it’s that time again!

Victoria, BC - July 4, 2013


Welcome to SIGGRAPH 2013! It’s cebas Visual Technology Inc. 18th consecutive participation in the exhibition, where it shows its latest advancements and developments.
Come and visit us in Anaheim, California at booth# 627 - We would love to meet you in person!

cebas technology is commonly used in major Box Office hit movies such as; White House Down, After Earth, Oblivion, Iron Man 3, Star Trek to name the latest.
cebas Visual Technology Inc. is widely known for its solid and cinema-quality rendering and particle effects software - it continues to deliver just that through its ongoing fine tuning and strive for perfection.

finalRender™ is the movie industry’s workhorse renderer, and was the first renderer to practically apply true Global Illumination rendering to the large-scale blockbuster movie production “2012”. The movie’s bigger scenes used finalRender’s advanced Global Illumination algorithms to render photo real disasters, which remain amongst the most memorable shots in the world of nature destruction.

Now, with finalRender 4 GPUTM - next generation movie quality rendering becomes possible with hardware accelerated (GPU) rendering - without any restrictions or loss of render quality.




GPU based rendering finally does not look like GPU rendering anymore! Come and see it happening right in front of your eyes @ SIGGRAPH 2013:

Unlike GPU-only renderers, finalRender 4 GPU "will always be faster"; with newer hardware even when upgrading the workstation alone and still keeping the GPU card. The reason being is that it will use all available rendering cores and not only one type of processor.

finalRender 4 GPU brings the power of shading and rendering flexibility to GPU rendering - a strong feature that is uniquely offered in finalRender. An advanced new material shading core provides finalRender with the advantage of representing nearly every material effect in the form of a highly optimized native GPU shader.

finalRender 4 GPU is aiming for a really high goal here - a continuous GPU/CPU rendering workflow within the 3ds Max environment. Artists should never be forced to change or adjust any materials or lighting simply because they use one or the other rendering acceleration scheme.

trueHybridTM is a novel approach exclusive to finalRender 4 GPU. It is uniquely developed to allow co-operative hardware rendering by leveraging different types of processors at the same time in one workstation.



See it FIRST @cebas: Full Scene Anti-Aliasing and Content Aware Sampling - our latest innovation to solve the hassle of setting up and optimizing scenes for perfect Anti-Aliasing and good rendering speed. For decades, rendering applications struggled to offer a simple yet powerful Anti-Aliasing solution. The “normal” or common way Anti-Aliasing was done was by using adaptive sampling, super-sampling or analytical sampling. The results - naturally - were known to be longer render times in order to get better image quality. However, with the introduction of Global Illumination and more enhanced rendering effects like Micro Facet Blurry surface rendering, Anti-Aliasing became more complicated. Adding extra rendering effects could easily result in a multiplication of render time, if not exponential.

finalRender 4 GPU is the only rendering solution on the market to offer cebas’ very own Full Scene Anti-Aliasing with Content Aware Sampling technology. This new way of looking at rendering and image processing is meant to solve many of the pressing issues modern rendering applications face when dealing with multiple rendering effects in a scene, especially when using GPU acceleration.

The NEW version of finalRender 4 GPU will be featured all show days, so don't miss the preview at our booth!


A glance at SIX - thinkingParticles 6

thinkingParticlesTM - with its disruptive innovations - has redefined a whole industry segment in the movie world, delivering more advanced physics and real world simulation effects than any other product for 3ds Max. It was the first dedicated fully procedural special effects application at a time when hand animation was the gold standard in 3ds Max and Maya!

thinkingParticles is unlike anything you may have experienced before; its total approach to non-linear procedural dynamics effects animation makes this flagship plug-in stand out as the number one choice of tool for professional Artists in the industry. thinkingParticles packs more than 10 years of product development and engineering into one massive procedural dynamics effects system for 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design.


thinkingParticles 6 has it ALL: Particle Dynamics + Killer Simulations = Mind-blowing Visual Effects!

thinkingParticles 6 has one main goal, and that is to be an ALL-inclusive, full-featured plug-in providing artists with the ability and freedom to easily create ANY special effects sequence that can potentially be thought of and physically possible or impossible!

Fluid Simulation and Softbody Dynamics - come and visit us to see our implementation of softbody and fluid simulations that are amplified on the scale of real-like effects thanks to the uniquely engineered full procedural, multi-physics solver approach.

The NEW version of thinkingParticles 6 will be featured all show days, so don't miss the preview at our booth!


cebas co-Sponsors this Year’s NVIDIA LimeLight Event!  


Not only will cebas be demoing new, improved and much-anticipated finalRender 4 GPU and thinkingParticles 6 at the SIGGRAPH showground – we will also be taking part in this year’s LIMELIGHT event by NVIDIA as a co-sponsor and featured presenter.

The 6:00 to 9:00pm event will take place on July 24th @ the Anaheim Marriott, Platinum 5 Ballroom. Targeting industry executives across vertical markets, the night happening brings key decision makers together with leading innovators and offers an intimate networking opportunity to talk about latest production technologies.

Sponsorship of the NVIDIA LIMELIGHT event is important to cebas as it conveys our true commitment and close ties to the industry’s latest trends in general and NVIDIA’s GPU technologies in particular.

All this and MORE is happening at SIGGHRAPH 2013, so come and visit cebas @ booth# 627 and experience the Buzz!


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