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cebas is prepared for 2013 with a core explosion!

cebas is prepared for 2013 with a core explosion!

Introducing finalRender 3.5 Service Pack 9 with More Stability, Reliability and 3ds Max 2013 Support
PLUS! A new release of cebas Autoupdate Version 2.x

Victoria, BC - May 29th 2012


 © 2012 - Doni Sudarmawan


cebas Visual Technology Inc. announces the immediate release of its 9th and latest Service Pack for finalRender 3.5 SE as well as for the integrated and standalone finalToon 3.5. 

With Service Pack 9, finalRender comes fully loaded with fixes and enhancements as well as full 3ds Max 2013 support.

cebas Visual Technology Inc. is also proud to announce a change in its finalRender license model - effective from the shipment date of Service Pack 9 onwards.
The new finalRender license model includes a massive giveaway of 4 times more core power! Now, users can get up to 64 Local Cores/Threads AND up to 64 Core/Threads for Distributed Network Rendering (instead of 16/16 with the old license model). This major upgrade radically increases the return of investment for any existing and future finalRender installation.
Additional support for extra CPU cores will allow users to leverage the power of up to 64 single CPU PC's to render on one image or 32 Dual Core PC's or 16 Quad core PC's - offering more flexibility in distributed network rendering.

finalRender Changes in Service Pack 9

  • 3ds Max 2013 compatibility through web-install feature.
  • A new licensing model to offer more cores has been added to Service Pack 9. Now it is 64/64 Cores/Threads for local and distributed network rendering.
  • Reported problems with Harmonics Global Illumination in camera fly mode have been isolated and fixed.
  • fR-Object lights causing a crash on load in some cases is now fixed.
  • thinkingParticles and finalRender interaction has been streamlined and optimized for maximum data throughput.
  • An ID-Map issue with MultiMap materials has been addressed.
  • An ID-Map Problem when using the MTD Modifier has been fixed.
  • G-Buffer channels shifted in blowup or crop modes has been adjusted and is no longer an issue.


finalToon Changes in Service Pack 9

  • 3ds Max 2013 compatibility through web-install feature.
  • Reflection/Refraction maps with default Scanline Renderer is now properly functioning.


cebas Autoupdate Version 2.x : Making good better!

With its latest release, cebas Autoupdate just got better!
Only a month after its first release; cebas is now offering a state of the art, hassle free software - delivering technology for all of its customers without any extra cost.

Version 2.x of cebas Autoupdate is required for 3ds max 2013 installs and Service Pack 9 benefits.

In contrast to some other software companies, cebas strictly follows a fully open disclosure policy for its automatic update process. Such policy is made possible through the new detailed Log files, which are saved for the user’s personal reference.
In addition to the fully detailed human readable log files, nearly all aspects of the automatic update system can be manually configured and adjusted to each user’s needs.

cebas Autoupdate is safe! Secure software delivery and user data transfer is achieved by industry standard SSL encryption; known to be one of the most secure methods in transmitting user data between PCs and servers.


How to Get Service Pack 9

SP9 is available via cebas Autoupdate. Please read the “How to Get cebas Autoupdate” section for download instructions then check the cebas Autoupdate Help Video as well as the cebas Autoupdate 2.0 video to guide you through the simple steps of getting your service pack update.


How to Get cebas Autoupdate

Current users can log into and obtain the Auto Updater from their “View Product Registrations” account menu. Registered finalRender users will automatically see all available download options.
Customers not currently registered on, or having problems downloading the Auto Updater can use the contact menu located on the homepage to drop us a line and provide all relevant information including serial number(s)… we are always glad to be of service! 


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