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psd-manager 3.0 Available

psd-manager 3

Victoria, BC - September 6, 2011

cebas Visual Technology Inc announces the immediate availability of psd-manager 3.0 - the next major release of the multi-layer PSD exporter for Autodesk 3ds max. Besides many small improvements to workflow and ease of use, the following new features have been added:

Selections VideoMatteShooter VideoRender Elements Video32-bit Video

New Features:

  • 32-bit (HDR) layered PSD files:

    psd-manager 3 now offers the high dynamic range and color precision of 32-bit floating point Photoshop files for ultimate flexibility in post production. Los-less ZIP compression ensures a maximum of image quality at reduced file sizes.

  • MatteShooter technology:

    Artists worldwide value psd-manager, because of the effortless way to generate precise masks aplenty from within 3ds Max. New MatteShooter algorithms now allow to extract mattes even faster. The more layers and channels are generated for objects and materials the faster psd-manager now becomes. Production scenes from customers have shown a speed-up around 40%. Shooting out 100 masks doesn't require any more memory then a single one, because of on the fly processing. All psd-manager modules that extract objects & materials benefit from the new MatteShooter technology.

  • 3ds Max layer export:

    Scene layers can now be exported as PSD layers, offering a new way to produce masks that eliminates the tedious task of having to assign IDs to objects. This is a direct result of the new MatteShooter technology in psd-manager 3.

  • Render Elements with ease:

    New built-in customizable presets for V-Ray 2.0 and finalRender 3.5 make it simple to compose render elements. Layers are sorted and blending modes already setup as soon as PSD files are imported into Photoshop, as a composition into After Effects or any other application supporting PSD files. A total of 116 different render element types are now preconfigured by psd-manager 3.

  • Render Cut-outs:

    "Render Cut-outs" is a new PSD layers export mode that cuts the rendered image into pieces by object, object-Id, material-Id or by 3ds Max layer. The PSD layers provide artists with an excellent starting point for post-production.

  • Autodesk 3ds Max 2012 support

    psd-manager 3 now supports all Autodesk 3ds Max & 3ds Max Design releases from version 9 up to 2012.

  • Optimized Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects workflow:

    Layered PSD files - unlike OpenEXR files - are first class citizens in Adobe applications and work out of the box including support for multiple-layers, layer groups, blending modes and color precision up to 32-bit (HDR). psd-manager 3 supports the newest Photoshop blending modes and the free After Effects companion plugin now supports After Effects CS5.

  • More control:

    New built-in options to control image resolution (DPI) simplify the workflow of architectural and product visualization artists. The alpha channel of the rendered image can now be exported as layer transparency, layer mask, disabled layer mask or a separate PSD alpha channel.

  • V-Ray and general usability improvements:

    V-Ray specific workflow improvements have been made to provide better compatibility with the V-Ray Framebuffer and the new 32-bit (HDR) PSD export. 
    For ease of use, the PSD filename can now be linked to the filename of the main render output. Thus eliminating one more thing artists have to think of when making last minute changes to a scene. This also simplifies use of the 3ds Max Batch Render and other Render Pass Managers with psd-manager 3.

More Information

Please visit the psd-manager 3 website to learn more about the advanced multi-layer PSD exporter for 3ds Max.


psd-manager 3 is now available at the cebas shop and through resellers worldwide for 189$. Upgrades from psd-manager 2 to version 3 are available for 75$. All customers that purchased psd-manager 2 on or after April 6th 2011 will receive this upgrade for free. Prices vary depending on the region you are located in. Please contact if you have any questions.



About cebas Visual Technology Inc

cebas Visual Technology Inc is a developer of advanced 3D software for 3ds Max and other 3D applications, based in Victoria, BC. With more than 20+ years of experience in software development for the 3D market, cebas has become renowned for its quality and unique software products, serving graphics and animation studios in movie production and gaming industries around the world.

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