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Cebas @ SIGGRAPH 2011


Cebas @ SIGGRAPH 2011: An open invitation to visit our Booth# 250… See you there!

Victoria, BC - July 25, 2011


SIGGRAPH2011Internationally recognized for its renowned software developments used in award-winning movie productions, video games and architectural designs; cebas Visual Technology Inc is announcing its participation in SIGGRAPH 2011 held in Vancouver - BC from the 9th to the 11th of August, making this year its 16th consecutive.

Having, single-handedly, developed software solutions for Autodesk 3ds Max, 3ds Max Design, Maya and Maxon CINEMA 4D, the company’s accomplishments are far from over!

Cebas is excited to share with the world’s largest 3D software community its past, current and future accomplishments in the field of VFX production as well as the motion pictures, gaming and architectural designs industries.

Already known for its advanced and production proven software products, cebas’ tools have been used in numerous movie productions to meet the increasingly demanding needs of complex 3D effects and visualization. Examples include multimillion-dollar budget movies such as; “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I and II”, “Transformers 3D”,“Green Lantern”,“Thor 3D”, “2012”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “The Last Air Bender”, “GI Joe”, “Percy Jackson and the Olympians”, “Nightmare on Elm Street”, “Jonah Hex” and “Iron Man 2”.

Announcements and Previews @ SIGGRAPH 2011

This year’s SIGGRAPH presentations of cebas’ new technologies and achievements will represent a remarkable turning point in the 20+ year history of the company.

For the first time ever, cebas will present its solution to the next generation rendering challenges industry professionals will be facing in the near future. The industry’s recent progress in enhancing GPU and CPU technologies has been substantial. With GPU currently taking the lead in rendering acceleration technology, cebas will be also taking the lead in resolving the industry’s ongoing battles of technology benefiting the customer first and foremost.

Promoting its new credo: "You will always be Faster ™", cebas’ new algorithms and technologies can now be found in their latest release of finalRender™ and thinkingParticles™.

cebas Visual Technology will provide a sneak peek of its future technology integrated in finalRender 4GPU™ and thinkingParticles 5.

A demonstartion of these new technologies will take place during the show:

  • finalRender 4GPU available in standard and Studio Edition (SE): The world’s first rendering performance demonstration of cebas’ trueHybrid™ raytracing technology based on cebas’ proprietary CPU+GPU rendering solution.

  • thinkingParticles 5: presenting the industry leading physics solver, BULLET, integrated right into thinkingParticles’ unique rule based particle FX workflow. BULLET, exclusively used for in-house tools by leading FX studios like Digital Domain, Sony Pictures, Walt Disney and PDI Dreamworks, will be available to the broad user base of Autodesk 3ds Max thinkingParticles users.


In addition to cebas’ peek into the future through its featured products, the company will also present its full line-up of Autodesk 2012 products including its top sellers thinkingParticles 4, finalRender 3.5 SE and finalRender 2 for Maya as well as the latest major release of psd-manager 3.


© 2011 by Julius Lechner


finalRender 4GPU: You will always be Faster

finalRender 4GPU is the first cinema quality rendering system, for 3ds Max, to offer trueHybrid rendering acceleration technology. The core GPU raytracing acceleration is derived from NVIDIA’s CUDA technology, enabling the full potential of 512+ cores on their graphics accelerator cards.

Raytracing acceleration does not stop there! In contrast to current alternatives, cebas uses a hardware acceleration approach that will not favour CPU over GPU or vice versa. In fact, cebas’ trueHybrid technology will leverage the full potential of existing CPU cores as well as, simultaneously, use all existing GPU cores and memory.

Without restricting any features or functionality of the core raytracing system, trueHybrid will not sacrifice quality for speed. Unlimited Render Elements (layers), Volumetric Shaders like FumeFX and Hairfarm, complex Blend Materials and layered OpenEXR image file export along with hundreds of 3rd Party plug-ins; are a few of the features made possible by finalRender 4GPU that were otherwise unattainable with a GPU-only rendering system.

finalRender 4GPU is described by Edwin Braun, CEO of cebas Visual Technology Inc; as "The first GPU that doesn't look like GPU!"...Such accomplishment will provide artists with huge benefits every time an image is test-rendered or finalized. Now, artists no longer need to redo their material and scene setup for final rendering upon completion of their GPU-only rendering.

By breaking down the barrier between CPU and GPU rendering, an artist’s dream can finally be realized. Earlier, artists had to choose between a Game Engine look of their creations with faster rendering times or beautifully rendered creations with much slower rendering times.

This ingenious tool, not only provides instant exceptional rendering results on the short run, but is also considered a very sound investment that will have lasting benefits on the long run. trueHybrid guarantees the benefits artists can obtain from future technology upgrades - be it a new GPU accelerator card or a new workstation incorporating the latest Intel/AMD processor technology.

Unlike GPU renderers, finalRender 4GPU "will always be Faster" with newer hardware even when upgrading the workstation alone. The reason being is that it will use all available rendering cores and not only one type of processor.

Edwin Braun notes: “Our team of software engineers found such a great, creative solution to the ongoing hardware acceleration technology battle in the industry, and with the support of OpenCL, the future of cebas’ hardware acceleration technology looks very bright.”


thinkingParticles 5 - GPU Physics added

A decade of ground breaking visual effetcs: 2011 marks 10 years of acclamation and praise

thinkingParticles™ is the ultimate rule based particle system for 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design: A completely new class of rule-based particle system, offering unparalleled power to the user.

The real power of thinkingParticles (tP) comes from its fully procedural effects approach, controlled by a user-friendly node based system. Unlike programming, you won't have to write a single line of code! A powerful visual "Wire Setup Interface" enables any 3ds Max Artist to define the rules and conditions that control particle behavior.

thinkingParticles offers true Non Linear Animation technology. Rules and conditions control the particle effects, not timers or events that happen at certain key frames in an animation. This type of particle system is free from normal time-based constraints; applying simple behaviors instead. These behaviors govern all aspects of a particle’s motion, life, death, and collisions in a true non-linear fashion.

thinkingParticles 5 - In its latest incarnation, evolutionary steps have been taken to ensure faster and better particle effects than any version could previously offer. This is achieved through implementing new state-of-the-art technologies as well as enhancing all existing features and recoding large parts of its core.



GPU based Physics - The the laws of Physics on Steroids!

BULLET;  an industry standard physics solver library, is currently used by famed FX Hollywood studios and multiple Game Engines running on XBOX and Sony Playstation 3. This new physics solver comes as an additional physics simulation option in thinkingParticles 5, delivering outstanding, fast results on rigid body and soft body rope simulations.

Being a highly acknowledged open source industry standard with its vast support of simulating different physics effects based on multiple solver algorithms, makes it the perfect match for thinkingParticles. Many of the available physics solver algorithms offer either Multi-Core support or full GPU OpenCL acceleration, enabling various effects to be previewed and adjusted in real-time.

Edwin Braun on thinkingParticles 5 : “10 Years ago, no one would have even dreamt of such a great success, and getting a version ‘5’ of this amazing product is thrilling. This 10 year anniversary release will have some big things coming!”

thinkingParticles 5 now comes with a multi-wheel, multi-axle vehicle simulator; offering automatic and fully procedural vehicle simulations on flat or uneven terrain. Every thinkingParticles vehicle is virtually treated exactly the same as any other particle effect in the system, with full control and access to its transformation in space. Vehicles can be “driven” by active motor options or by external forces. Full body physics, with detailed control of shock absorber settings guarantee a natural looking vehicle movement.

With the implementation of a physics based vehicle simulator into thinkingParticles 5, 3ds Max becomes the first platform to offer a fully procedural physics based car driving simulation system with the potential of added artificial intelligence driving (AI) setups to any scene where needed.

Expanding by cross-platform and cross-tool support

thinkingParticles 5 integrates native support for reading and writing Real Flow compatible files; a fluid simulation software by Next Limit, the market’s leading edge fluid system. With such solid support, thinkingParticles is able to create special effects that would be hard to create otherwise.

thinkingParticles 5 provides a platform for Krakatoa by Thinkbox Software, opening up amazing new possibilities through direct interaction with point-cloud based rendering special effects.

FumeFX, the fire and smoke effects tool for 3ds Max users created by Sitni Sati, comes also with native support for thinkingParticles and allows full control of its effects from within.


About cebas Visual Technology Inc

cebas Visual Technology Inc is a developer of advanced 3D software for 3ds Max and other 3D applications, based in Victoria, BC. With more than 20+ years of experience in software development for the 3D market, cebas has become renowned for its quality and unique software products, serving graphics and animation studios in movie production and gaming industries around the world.

For more information, please contact:

cebas Visual Technology Inc. 


** Please note that some of the content presented in this document is work in progress and further development. It is being provided to the public for information purposes only.  


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